What Are The Different Types of CNC Machine

What Are The Different Types of CNC Machine

The cnc capabilities are why these machines are very popular globally. The main feature of a CNC machine is its automation. A CNC machine requires little or no input from you, unlike other devices. Other machines may make the work faster, but they do not work unless you actively control and target the item you want to make. With a CNC machine, the working process depends on both the CAD and CAM segments. The CAD segment works with the design segment of the machine. In this segment, you design the object you want in a three-dimensional format. Therefore, you see the result before its production commences. For the production to continue, you do not need to get involved.

The CAM part of the CNC machine is responsible for manufacturing the object you designed into a real-life item. Of course, what you will get manufactured is exactly what you have created. The only time there will be mistakes is when the item you designed can't be produced with the CNC machine you have. Many CNC machines have been created since their existence. These machine types differ from each other based on their design and features. Some CNC machines have the flexibility to design. Others may not be able to develop particular complex objects. Therefore, while you are designing a complex structure, you need to be sure that your CNC machine can produce a complex system. The CNC machines with more features will cost more than those with less complex structures. In this guide, we will discuss the different types of CNC machines, their characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages.

CNC laser cutting machine

The primary purpose of this machine is to cut sheets. It works with a laser to hasten the cutting process. The sheet cut results from the laser machine are always smoother. The device can comfortably cut sheets into complex shapes. A downside of this machine is the high cost to buy and replace its parts. The laser cutting machine parts are scarce, causing the high prices.

CNC Lathe Machine

A CNC Lathe Machine is another fantastic machine used for lathe needs. Typically, using a Lathe Machine requires a lot of time, hereby distorting the purpose of a device. With a CNC Lathe Machine, you have your Lathe done quickly. Moreso, you get more precise calculations.

CNC router Machine

Carpentry works are beautiful only when they're accurate. Although carpenters use many instruments to ensure accuracy, these instruments are not precise. With a CNC router Machine, you can insert the design into the program and wait on the machine to produce what you need. Of course, you will need to provide the devices with materials.

CNC Milling Machine

A Milling machine's primary purpose is to remove metal to form shapes. The shapes formed through Milling include gears, spur gears amidst others. The process of using a regular Milling Machine is never error-free. But with a CNC milling machine, the process is already programmed.


Other types of CNC machines include the plasma cutting machine, pick and place machine, 5- axis machine, and 3-D Printer. Each of these machines works with the same computer programmed process.