Things You Need to Know About Peanut Planting Machine

Things You Need to Know About Peanut Planting Machine

Due to the high yield and variety of uses for peanuts, more and more farmers are using Alibaba peanut planters today. These are nuts people frequently consume daily. Moreover, we can press the peanut into oil and turn it into healthy condiments. That's why utilizing these Alibaba peanut planting machines in tandem is more practical for you.

Additionally, using a peanut planter can lessen labor hours, increase productivity, and ease the burden on farmers. If you are new to harvesting and don't know what this Alibaba machine used for peanut planting is, read this article to get detailed information.

Advantages of Peanut Planting Machine

Here we have mentioned some advantages you get after using a peanut planting machine.

  • The multi-tasking capabilities of the Alibaba peanut planting machine allow it to simultaneously sow, apply a chemical fertilizer, level the ridge surface, spray herbicide, cover with mulching film, and press seeds, as well as cover soil with the film and cover it with soil.
  • The hole spacing on the peanut planter complies with agronomic requirements and is highly standardized and precise.
  • Normal operations are unaffected by plots with poor site preparation, weeds, or leftover crops in the field.
  • The minimal mechanical operation resistance can cut energy consumption by about 30%.

Characteristics of Peanut Planting Machine

  • It has a sizable design area. There are flat and ridge sowing options for the groundnut sowing machine. The groundnut cultivation machine can use in stubble areas as well.
  • Additional features. This machine can moreover include the cover with film and watering.
  • Modification of plant space. By adjusting the speed of the governor, you can control the amount of space the plants occupy.
  • To plant peanuts. The tractor must connect to the Alibaba peanut planting machine.
  • Reliable operation, minimal maintenance requirements, high productivity, and long lifespan.

Peanut Planter Design

Alibaba peanut planter machine for sale has a reasonable structure because their manufacturers are one of the top agricultural machinery manufacturers. The groundnut planter sowing machine has both a seed box and a fertilizer box, so it can fertilize and seed simultaneously. The purpose of the ridge-making apparatus is to create ridges that make it easier to plant peanut seeds.

Working on Peanut Planting Machine

First, the chemicals in the fertilizer box enter the bucket through the outer ring groove fertilizer applicator. The shovel then digs a layer of soil while applying fertilizer to the soil. When the seeder completes the fertilization process, the seed from the seed meter goes into the groove under the drive of the gearbox.

Therefore, the seeds in the seed box enter the planter, and the trench drainer drains the soil and completes the sowing process while sowing the peanut seeds evenly in the two trenches. In addition, the herbicide barrel is installed at the front end of the tractor, and the air inlet end is installed at the air outlet of the air storage barrel of the tractor's air compressor.

The tractor can apply constant air pressure to achieve the purpose of spraying. This completes the ridge at once.


The Alibaba peanut planting machine is easy to use, has a small volume, and has a straightforward structural design. A hanging ring is set up to connect the peanut planting machine with a tractor or cattle.

The peanut seeding machine is strong in adaptability as it can use on various terrains. By adjusting the traveling wheel mechanisms, the planting depth can change. So, what are you waiting for? Go get the one.