The Evolution of the Circus Tent

The Evolution of the Circus Tent

The magical and fascinating circus tents we all have in our childhood memory are no longer in the field. By the time everything was evolving, even the circus and the played tricks, circus tents were also adapting according to the requirements of the time.

That is why; we cannot find those colorful and eye-catchy circus tents in festivals and summer galas. If you are interested in where the circus trends are going, this article will roll the time back and explain the evolution of circus tents.

· 1793 - Wooden Arenas

The circus has long roots in history, but the first evidence of circus activities was found in England in the 1770s. Initially, the circus activities were limited to the amphitheater and open spaces with few sitting arrangements.

In 1793, the wood arenas were built in North America for the multi-act circuses in different cities. These arenas were constructed to specify the places for circus where people could gather.

· 1825 - Canvas Circus Tent

The wood arenas were making the circus limiting to a few cities. And that limitation leads to the invention of canvas circus tents. Canvas circus tents make it easier for the performers to perform and travel to every town.

Canvas tents quickly became popular and have a long history till today because they were cost-effective, easy to manage, and moveable.

These tents evolved by then into big top tents that were large enough to accommodate a massive audience. Many greatest shows in history were performed under these tents.

The canvas tents are still used in many places in vivid colors and catchy designs to attract the audience. These tents nearly become the symbol of the circus.

· Weather Resistant Circus Tents

Today, weather-resistant tents are quickly replacing traditional fabric canvas tents. The old fabric tents had few downfalls covered by the weather-resistant tents;

The fabric canvas tents were made from thick fabric, making them heavy and difficult to set up and not water-resistant.

The fabric canvas tents are not weather resistant, so the inner tent conditions vary with the extreme temperature.

The weather-resistant tents are specially designed to keep the internal conditions stable.   These tents are much lighter than the traditional canvas tents.

· Inflatable Tents

An inflatable tent is a great invention of all time. These tents make the circus arrangements much more convenient than ever. The inflatable tents are usually made from plastic material like PVC.

These tents are not only lightweight and weather-resistant but also very easy to install and uninstall. The inflatable tents do not require any internal metal or wood frame, which maximizes the related safety issue.

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After the years of hiatus and nearly extinction, circuses start reopening in many countries to present many other great shows like history. Whether you make a new start or revive your previous circus carrier, your circus tents will be more innovative and attractive than ever.

Hopefully, this article will help you find the latest types of tents used in circus history.