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How to go about wholesale fashion shopping online

How to go about wholesale fashion shopping online

by madeleine

Frequent fashion shoppers often want one thing, which is affordable, high-quality clothes. It may sound ludicrous to want high-quality clothes and cheap too, but it is possible. Lower pricing is a great incentive that encourages you to keep shopping, and one way to hack the clothing market is to buy in bulk. Every step in the supply chain of clothes and any item incurs a cost. Therefore, cutting out an element of trade reduces the overall cost of an item. Buying fashion items online in bulk quantities helps reduce the overall unit cost of each item –  the more you buy, the cheaper it gets. Below are several ways to go about wholesale fashion shopping online.

● Find a credible wholesaler

This step should have contained “or manufacturer” because some cloth makers are also catching on to the wholesale supply business. Either way, you need to find a credible manufacturer or wholesaler that deals in bulk clothing supply. They should have a website that is accessible every hour of every day.

This website should provide you with the functionality to pay for your order at checkout and provide you with a shipping estimate for when you can expect the delivery of your clothes. Finally, whatever clothing merchant you decide to go with should display discounting information alongside each clothing item. They shouldn’t leave you second-guessing if you got a discount or not.

● Make a list

Just as you would put together a list of items you need if you were going to a physical store, you are encouraged to do so for an online store. A checklist ensures you do not waste time surfing through items you don’t need because it is pretty easy to get carried away. One minute you are looking at bottoms you like, an hour later, you are stuck on swimsuits that you don’t need.

● Shipping Policy

It is possible to get carried away by the whole shopping frenzy and forget to check an essential part of every online store: its shipping policy. If there is one thing you want to be sure about before checking out a store’s offering, it is its shipping policy. You must know how any online store handles shipping, how long it takes them to have your order delivered, the cost of shipping your items to you, if they offer any special shipping packages that can expedite your delivery.

Finally, suppose your clothes get lost on the way to you. In that case, you should know if the company has any policy to refund you or offer any solution. If some of the clothes you received are defective, you might want to know who will be covering the cost of shipping it back over for a replacement.


Wholesale online shopping is not so different in the process to online retail shopping. There are some details to take care of, but they aren’t worlds apart in the end. The important thing is to ensure you find an actual fashion store that deals in wholesale commerce and not a retail store that lets you buy many clothes.

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