Benefits of wig with skunk stripe

Benefits of wig with skunk stripe

Everyone wants to have hair that reflect their personality well. But it isn’t their fault if they can’t get them right. If you are constantly losing your hair, you need a hair transplant. And if you can’t afford that, you may buy a wig. A simple will get the job done for you but a wig with skunk stripe will be the best option. Not like you need the wig because your hair are falling, you may also chose a wig because you want to upgrade your hairstyle depending on the season.

Having damaged natural hair is surely frustrating. You will have to clean the bedroom that contains all your hair spread everywhere. This usually happens with a cat’s fur when you own one. So, since your hair become light because of being weak, they start to fall. They may also face flyaways. You need to stop that which is possible in many ways.

How to get rid of wig flyaways?

You can use heat to stay away from this issue. The heat will cause the hair to stick together. But that’s not what most professionals recommend. The reason is that wigs or synthetic hair are not heat-resistant most of the times. So, it is better to apply something else before directly applying heat.

You may also avoid using a chemical to apply heat. For that purpose, you can use your hands and rub them against each other to generate heat. Warm your hands first and then press your wig. But this too doesn’t work on natural human hair. You may end up having damaged hair if you do so. Just use it on a wig to reduce its volume and get rid of flyaways.

People also use dryer sheets for reducing static electricity in laundry rooms. But you can use it for flyaways also. Grab that sheets and start rubbing it against your wig. Human hair is sensitive to this one also. So, make sure that you don’t try it on your normal hair.

Can you use a mascara or hairspray on a wig?

Mascara is another good option to make your wig look good. It doesn’t hurt the hair unless you use it in unnecessary quantity. Just contact a specialist and ask about this issue and you will get an idea of whether to use it in bulk or not. In order to tame baby hairs, mascara works really well.

For hairspray, it is better not to apply it directly to your hair. Rather, just spray some of it on a brush and run it through the flyaways. That will bring your hair in better condition. You can also make the style of your choice using the same method. You just need to be careful about the quantity of both these things, nothing else will affect your hair.


A wig becomes the need of the hour quite often, not because you want to make styles but because you have no hair. Choose a style that you think will suit you. Rest of the job will be done by the wig.